Just imagine yourself sitting at a diner near the window area, reading the paper and with the smell of warm coffee wafting through your nose during a cool Sunday morning – now you can exactly reproduce this scene right at your very home in your very own breakfast nook with storage.

breakfast nook with storageThere’s not an area inside a house that can bring together the words cozy and food other than a breakfast nook. A space just off the kitchen, a breakfast nook is a snug area just off the kitchen that has a small table and chairs.

Another kind of usual breakfast nook is that found within the kitchen, in a little corner, normally an octagon-shaped near the window, with a bench attached to the window a small table and chairs on the other end.

A breakfast nook is rather more informal than a dining room since it is very near the kitchen and is usually great for casual family meals or just for reading the Sunday paper or magazines.

With the rage on making home areas more practical, interior designers have come up with a breakfast nook with storage. Designed not only to be convenient, a breakfast nook with storage can greatly maximize space since it can also be used for storing and organization of kitchen utensils and equipment where there’s no more room in the kitchen.

The storage in a usual design of a breakfast nook can be found under the seats and features a safety lid support. Another great advantage of this kind of breakfast nook is that it is economical since it is an all-in-one set – a dining set, storage cabinet and a great centerpiece for the kitchen. Rather than buying separate furniture, breakfast nooks with storage caters to all these needs.

It is important to construct breakfast nook plans before deciding on building your own breakfast nook. Here are some helpful tips which you can put on a checklist: the size of the area where the breakfast nook will be built, the type of breakfast nook, the needs of the family who will be using the nook, the material, color and design of the nook. It is much better if the breakfast nook does not look disjointed from the areas in the house.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on a more casual and traditional style of nook, you can opt to have corner nook dining sets instead. This style is great if you have a wide corner as the benches which usually are built like church pews, attach to the wall and follow the size of the corner.

However, for functionality and comfort, a breakfast nook with storage is the best option.

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A typical breakfast nook set now comes in a range of styles, sizes and designs, everything from contemporary and stylish to traditional and practical. Breakfast nook sets are renowned for their inviting look and feel while enhancing and making good use of that extra corner space in your kitchen that would otherwise go unused.

breakfast nook setMany people will usually opt for a corner breakfast nook with benches over a standard table and chairs as benches are ideal, compact, space savers and the most popular choices tend to be laminate wood, for easy cleaning, with leather or upholstered-finished seating for comfort. You can also find a breakfast nook table with a glass top and metal finish and some sets even come in plastic if you are looking for cheap and versatile.

In many of today’s busy households, the kitchen has fast become the central focal point for gathering and meeting right throughout the day, grabbing a quick snack, having a chat over a cup of coffee, or even the kids finding a comfortable, central place to do their homework, with the dining area left only for evening meal times. Therefore, breakfast nook furniture is becoming extremely popular with many households as it creates a comfortable, informal, inviting and versatile place that that is ideal for the comings and goings of fast-paced or even laid-back families.

A set of kitchen nook furniture also comes reasonably priced, ranging from as little as $300 depending on the size and style you require and they perfectly compliment any size of kitchen with a large or small corner area that would otherwise be left unusable or even prone to clutter.

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Wooden Kitchen Chairs

wooden kitchen chairs

Wooden Kitchen Chairs

Set of 2 wooden kitchen chairs with a wood ladder design in antique walnut.

Wooden Kitchen Chairs Features:

• Set of 2 Ladderback Chairs
• Solid Wood Construction
• Traditional Design compliments most décor
• Antique walnut finish
• Easy to assemble with parts and tools included
More Info On These Wooden Kitchen Chairs…

wooden kitchen chairs


Wooden Kitchen Chairs

Kitchen chairs nowadays are wide and varied to suit all manner of styles, decor, taste and even personality from retro, country style, contemporary, plastic, metal and wooden kitchen chairs. A lot of people favor open-style kitchens for their modern spaciousness. These layouts tend to be much more inviting looking and don’t cut the rest of the household off from the interaction and homely smells of cooking.

With the added space an open plan kitchen offers, its nice to be able to distinguish the kitchen from the dining room area by means of carefully selected and practically designed kitchen furniture. As the kitchen tends to be the main social hub of the house during the day and not necessarily where the family will sit together eating their evening meal together, most standard size kitchen tables and chairs tend to be no bigger than 4 to 6 chairs around a table, otherwise it could end up taking too much space.

Breakfast nook sets tend to be a lot more compact and can be built into a corner or alcove if space is an issue that has to be addressed. Using stylish wooden kitchen chairs or bar-style stools can also be placed against a built-in or spacing saving breakfast bar as another option for maximising the space available. Of course, if it is just kitchen chairs that you need, these generally come in standard, one-size fits all, but can be made out of a wide range of materials in a multitude of designs with price tags to fit every budget.

One advantage that stands out with kitchen chairs and tables, over most other furniture you find throughout a standard household, is that they are usually much easier to keep clean and are designed to withstand years of wear and tear through the comings and goings of everyday family life.

Click to find out more about pricing and shipping on wooden kitchen chairs, metal kitchen chairs and plastic kitchen chairs.

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Breakfast Nook Seating in Natural

breakfast nook seating

Bradford breakfast nook seating in natural finish.

  • Seats five people comfortably
  • Hidden storage under corner benches
  • Easy to determine the direction of corner unit during nook assembly
  • Compliments most traditional and transitional decors
  • Assembly required
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Question by Miss Panther: does anyone know what they call a small room for a breakfast nook or booth?
I’m looking to buy a house, and I have always wanted a kitchen with its own private dining alcove, but i have no idea what it is called in real estate. does anyone know? Usually its about the size of a big pantry, and it can fit a restaurant-style booth..its almost like a big arc cut out of the side of the wall..and it gives you an intimate, restaurant type feeling..i have seen these in a few homes and also in some restaurants.

Answer by Aislinn
it’s actually called a breakfast nook

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Kitchen Breakfast Table – Santa Fe, Dark Chocolate

kitchen breakfast table

Seabrook Designs offers a great kitchen breakfast table as part of their gorgeous Santa Fe collection. Now you can enjoy the classic look of a breakfast table with the rich and decadent appearance of the Dark Chocolate finish.

The luscious Dark Chocolate finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain, and the use of solid birch all throughout the set ensures that this furniture will stand up to everyday use and abuse with ease.

Dine in the stylish convenience of our Santa Fe collection dining table. This piece features a smooth wood plank design on a sturdy wooden base in a rich dark brown finish. Great for space saving, this Santa Fe dining table would be an especially smart addition for an apartment, condo, or patio area. This price is for the table only. The corner units and benches are sold separately.

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kitchen breakfast table


Question by Seriously: Does anyone know where I can get plans to build a breakfast nook for my kitchen?
I would prefer one with storage under the seats, but could probably modify any plan I get.

Kinds of Furniture for the Breakfast Nook

Every kitchen deserves to be unique and lovely, while still being extremely functional. Statistics show that one of the most used and most abused room of the home is none other than the kitchen. Kitchen furniture also endures much wear in a short period. Therefore, to stand up to the use, high quality pieces need to be chosen. One piece of furniture that should be especially well built is a breakfast nook set.

A kitchen table endures wiping anywhere from once to several times a day. Cups of coffee, bowls of cereal, and plates of hot food are only a few of the daily treatments that it must endure. Chairs and benches are also high traffic and high accident areas. We all have been amazed at one time or another at the quantity of food that a child can lose off a plate or dump out of a cup. Moreover, in turn it becomes smeared on the furniture or ground into the cushions.

Before a breakfast nook set can be chosen, there are two main things to consider. The first is whether the furniture is going to be used within the kitchen area itself or in a separate room. The second is the age of people who will use the set most often. If a breakfast nook set is to be used in a kitchen, then a corner breakfast nook furniture set is the most common selection. If a breakfast nook is actually a separate room in the home then a round nook table set with either two or four chairs is the one possible choice.

The younger the household members are, the sturdier the nook set should be. A quick online search will reveal that breakfast nook furniture can be made of either wood or metal frames with vinyl or leather seating. The three most common types of wood used are walnut, cherry, and oak. Nook sets in pine can also be found, but pine is a soft wood so it is more easily dented and scratched. Walnut sets have a deep brown color.

They contrast with the lighter wood colors of oak and pine. Cherry is also a harder wood species and it offers a richer and rosier color than any of the other three selections. Since different kinds of wood are sturdier than others, it is an important consideration to make when choosing breakfast nook furniture.

Malisa is a homeowner who enjoys writing and sharing her expertise about hoem decorating and especially about the kitchen.   The kitchen is her passion and she loves to share the knwoledge she has gained with others.

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Farmhouse Bench – Country Style Dining with Natural Finish

farmhouse bench
This new solid wood bench has a beautiful farmhouse bench style with a natural finish. It is great for use at the dining room table and can seat 2 people comfortably.

Dimensions: 47″ Long x 14″ Wide x 18″ Tall. This listing is only for the dining bench. It does not include the rest of the dining set.

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Question by Carolina Girl: What to do with wood paneling in breakfast nook?
I am in the process of trying to figure out my kitchen and breakfast nook remodel for my home. I have decided on a French Country look for the kitchen….based upon some great Waverly sunflower fabric….with a cornflower blue background….and hints of greens and reds with the of course yellow sunflowers.

.i am thinking of painting the kitchen walls a buttery yellow….and the cabinets possibly a sand or blue color….i have run into a dilemma with my attached breakfast nook….the room is wall to wall wood paneling…..not the cheap stuff…..but still wood paneling…..any suggestions as to colors i should use….and also how to handle the wood paneling…….paint it, pickle it, or leave it?

Answer by mary m
I would paint the wood french country blue, or a sand color to match your cabinets, you could also do yellow, or just a neutral tan with a yellow trim..


Why not paint it half way up & put a boarder between the paint & paneling. (use KILZ on the bottom before you paint its a primer & paint will stick easier)


well i’m sure the paneling has a finish over it so u would have to strip it to work on it so i would remove it and save it and reuse it as a wains-coat at 32″ high with a chair rail cap…

Hampton Bay Lift Top Storage Bench Review


4.0 out of 5 stars

I like the storage and the style, but the colors look the same so I have no idea which one to order. Are the table and bench also available? Also is the the entire corner unit? If so, what are the dimensions? Are the instructions written out or just pictures?

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Black Breakfast Nook

black breakfast nook3pc casual black breakfast nook dining set.

Black Breakfast Nook Features:

  • You will receive a total of 1 table and 2 chair house benches
  • Nook Corner: 63.5″W x 20″D x 34″H
  • Nook Table: 43″W x 27.5″D x 29″H
  • Nook Bench: 40″W x 12″D x 18″H
  • Finish: Black
  • Material: MDF
  • 3pc Black Finish Nook Dining Table & Benches Set
  • Wipe with mild furniture cleanser
  • Item is made in China
  • Assembly required
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Breakfast Nook Tables

When it comes time to choose a breakfast nook table, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to make sure that you make the right choice because a table or breakfast nook furniture set is a large purchase that you should not make lightly.

In addition, families tend to spend more time in the kitchen and breakfast nook than any other area of the house. You want to make sure that you and your family will be comfortable there.

First, you want to make sure that the table is an appropriate size. A general rule of thumb to follow is that you should get as large a table as will fit in your breakfast nook space. But how big is that, you might be asking yourself? Well, it depends on what kind of seating you are going to have.

If your breakfast nook set will include chairs and a table, then you should leave approximately three feet of space on all side of the table so that people will have enough room to pull chairs in and out.

Therefore, your procedure should be to measure the dimensions of your breakfast nook and then subtract six feet from both sides. That is how big your table can be. In addition, you should keep in mind that a square or rectangular table might not be the best shape. If your breakfast nook has an octagonal or hexagonal shape then a round table might be the best fit.

Another factor to consider when choosing a breakfast nook table is the material the table is made of. You can purchase a wooden table, a metal and glass table, or even a wicker table. The choice depends on your personal taste and the décor in the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you prefer modern furnishings, then you are probably better suited with a metal and glass table.

However, if the rest of your kitchen has oak cabinet doors and a traditional decorating theme, then the glass table would seem out of place. Instead, you should try to find a wooden table with lines that are more modern and fewer carvings. Carvings are ornate and more traditional. Modern furniture tends to have straight lines and simple designs.

Finally, you might want to think about the surface of the table. If you have small children who like to help prepare your meals then the breakfast nook table is the perfect place for them to help. Older children might work on their homework while you prepare dinner and you yourself might sit at this table to pay bills. And, of course, you will be eating your meals there. All of these purposes require a different type of surface to work on.

If your table is made of a soft wood, then cutting and preparing food or writing will damage it. In addition, wood is porous and spills from food or drink might work their way down into the wood and cause rotting or damage. The problem is that you really want a wooden table.

A possible solution would be to have a table with wooden legs and a wooden border, but the actual tabletop is made of tile. A tile center will give you a surface that works well for writing and preparing food and is easy to clean.

Many ways to decorate and take care of your breakfast nook. For information, please visit BreakfastNookSet.com today.

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Kitchen Corner Table Unit

kitchen corner table
This stylish tile top kitchen corner table (sold separately) comes as part of the Morrison collection. Below are the matching chairs that completes this set.

  • Dimension: 31″W x 31″D x 29 1/4″H
  • Finish: White/ Natural
  • Material: Solid Hardwood and Ceramic Tiles
  • Square Dining Table with Tile Top in White and Natural Finish
  • The Farm table features tile top design in white and natural finish
  • Item is made of solid hardwood with 6″ ceramic tiles
  • This dining table comes with 55mm thick turned legs
  • Item is perfect for matching with Cottage style decors
  • Also available in Black/ Cherry finish
  • Available in 30″ x 45″ tabletop as well
  • Ready to assemble
  • More Info On This Kitchen Corner Table…

wooden kitchen chairs
Add to this Morrison Square table with 2 matching wooden kitchen chairs to complete the set

  • Set of 2 Windsor chairs offers classic, casual style with fresh color combination
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with natural-finish seat and crisp white back and legs
  • Roomy sizing with fan back is comfortable alone or with a chair pad
  • Fully assembled
  • Measures 17-1/2 inches wide by 16-1/2 inches deep by 37 inches high
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Kitchen Corner Table – A Perfect Way to Utilize Extra Space

A kitchen corner table is a comfortable and practical way to utilize space within a crowded kitchen space. They are one of the best kitchen furniture items that will not only enhance your comforts but also acquire that extra corner space in the kitchen which normally stays unused. But there are several factors that you have to keep in mind when you are going to choose a breakfast nook table.

A kitchen corner table is the one place in the kitchen where families spend much of their time. It’s a place where all family members get together in morning to exchange pleasantries and have some discussion. Nooks are used more in the morning and having attractive nooks refreshes your day. So you have to be very sure that you are selecting the best breakfast nook for your kitchen.

Now-a-days breakfast nook tables are high in demand because of its modern design and contemporary look. They are designed so well that it gives a royal look to your sweet home. They are available in lot of design and patterns, but the final selection depends on you.

Whenever you are opting for a kitchen corner table, select the one that best fits your requirements and can efficiently utilize free kitchen space.  Depending upon your free area or seating area of the kitchen, select the table of an appropriate size, then go for matching chairs  or bench required for seating purpose. If you are having free space in the corner, than you must go for L shape or rectangle breakfast nook tables. If you are having more than enough space then you go for hexagonal or octagonal round tables.

Another factor to be focused is the material from which they are made. A modern kitchen corner table is generally prepared from wood, metal, glass and bamboo. You can choose anyone of them depending upon your personal taste and theme of your kitchen. Suppose, if you prefer for modern furnishings than metal and glass tables are the best choices for your kitchen. And if you are going for traditional theme, than wooden tables are best to enhance your kitchen decorations. Wooden table are also available in lots of varieties like lines, plain, carved and many more.

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Corner Breakfast Nook Furniture – Linon Ardmore, White/Natural

corner breakfast nook furniture

This set of Linon Ardmore white pine corner breakfast nook furniture set complete with table and bench is a great place for family meals.

The contrasting finishes give it a traditional farm house appearance. Some assembly required. Combine with the Ardmore corner bench for a truly functional kitchen corner nook.

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Does anyone have a huge dining room for the Thanksgiving meal?
Our dining area is small, separated from the kitchen by a breakfast bar. We squeeze in, shoulder to shoulder, at the table and use the breakfast bar too. One year I tried to move a few people into the living room where I had a card table set up with folding chairs. That didn’t work because nobody wanted to leave the dining room. No one has complained but with the grandchildren growing into young men it’s getting more and more crowded.

Is this one of those times when I should quit fretting, relax and enjoy the day?

Answer by rosebud
My dining room is very small also. I have a drop leaf table that’s not too hard to move, so one year I pushed all the living room furniture up against the wall and took the dr table and the kitchen table to the living room. It was more comfortable, but a lot of rearranging and extra work. Now we just buffet it and folks gather in little groups wherever they want to sit.

They have a tendency to move from room to room visiting one another, so everybody gets to talk to one another. I haven’t decided which arrangement I like best, but for now I’m sticking to the buffet.

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5 Piece Dining Set , Espresso

5 piece dining set

Enhance your dining or kitchen area with the contemporary 5 piece dining set. Clean, simple lines with an espresso finish will enable you to incorporate this set into a formal or casual setting. Table measures 45 inches long by 28 inches wide by 29 inches high with rubber wood construction.

Chairs measure 18 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 36 inches high with rubber wood construction and seats upholstered in a warm, brown microsuede. This 5 piece sets ships in one carton and requires some assembly.

  • Contemporary style dining set comes with a rectangular table and 4 matching chairs
  • Constructed of rubber wood table top and frame; microsuede fabric, 100% Polyurethane fill
  • Chair is cushion seat
  • Some assembly required
  • Seat measures16 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep
  • Imported
  • More Info On This 5 Piece Dining Set…


Where to Buy a 5 Piece Dining Set

Shopping is not always fun, but it is a necessary part of life. With the holidays coming up on us quickly, it is smart to get things such as purchasing a new breakfast nook set done before the present shopping rush gets moving quickly. As with any shopping question, there is always the determining of where to purchase a breakfast nook set.

Before deciding where to look for a 5 piece dining set, it is important to know what styles there are to choose from. Most sets for breakfast nooks are of two styles: either a table with matching chairs or bench seating with a rectangular table. For rooms with adults a table and chair set is more ideal. When someone has lots of children or grandchildren in the kitchen on a regular basis then a bench style set might be the most ideal.

A typical 5 piece dining set will usually be square, round, oval, or rectangular in shape. The best choice for a room is the shape that most closely matches the size of the room. An octagonal shaped room is best suited with a round table. A square or approximately square room would be best decorated with a square table. And finally, an eat in kitchen configuration is best suited to a rectangular or oval table.

The term breakfast nook suggests a small intimate area that is reserved for breakfast, coffee and perhaps reading a newspaper. Formal dining rooms, though also used for eating, are normally much larger. Ideally a 5 piece dining set is for all round use throughout the day from breakfast to dinner.

A formal dining room needs to seat more people, therefore there is usually a larger table and more chairs than with breakfast nook furniture. In addition, there is usually more furniture present such as china cabinets, serving tables and a buffet. In a breakfast nook there is usually only the breakfast nook set and it is a smaller and more intimate setting.

Kitchen furniture usually consists of a breakfast nook table with an L shaped bench and a second bench opposite the longer part of the L shaped bench. Bench seating allows you to accommodate more people at your table. In fact, when benches are used three people can sit in the same space that two chairs would take.

A 5 piece dining set is available from many furniture stores and also online. There is also the avenue of having a custom cabinet shop build you a one specifically for your needs.

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