Breakfast Nook With Storage

Just imagine yourself sitting at a diner near the window area, reading the paper and with the smell of warm coffee wafting through your nose during a cool Sunday morning – now you can exactly reproduce this scene right at your very home in your very own breakfast nook with storage.

breakfast nook with storageThere’s not an area inside a house that can bring together the words cozy and food other than a breakfast nook. A space just off the kitchen, a breakfast nook is a snug area just off the kitchen that has a small table and chairs.

Another kind of usual breakfast nook is that found within the kitchen, in a little corner, normally an octagon-shaped near the window, with a bench attached to the window a small table and chairs on the other end.

A breakfast nook is rather more informal than a dining room since it is very near the kitchen and is usually great for casual family meals or just for reading the Sunday paper or magazines.

With the rage on making home areas more practical, interior designers have come up with a breakfast nook with storage. Designed not only to be convenient, a breakfast nook with storage can greatly maximize space since it can also be used for storing and organization of kitchen utensils and equipment where there’s no more room in the kitchen.

The storage in a usual design of a breakfast nook can be found under the seats and features a safety lid support. Another great advantage of this kind of breakfast nook is that it is economical since it is an all-in-one set – a dining set, storage cabinet and a great centerpiece for the kitchen. Rather than buying separate furniture, breakfast nooks with storage caters to all these needs.

It is important to construct breakfast nook plans before deciding on building your own breakfast nook. Here are some helpful tips which you can put on a checklist: the size of the area where the breakfast nook will be built, the type of breakfast nook, the needs of the family who will be using the nook, the material, color and design of the nook. It is much better if the breakfast nook does not look disjointed from the areas in the house.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on a more casual and traditional style of nook, you can opt to have corner nook dining sets instead. This style is great if you have a wide corner as the benches which usually are built like church pews, attach to the wall and follow the size of the corner.

However, for functionality and comfort, a breakfast nook with storage is the best option.

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