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chelsea nook set

Chelsea Nook Set

Create a cozy spot for meals and conversation in any corner of the kitchen. This highly functional Chelsea nook set has a rich honey pine finish and provides a traditional look.

Includes: 1 x Chelsea Corner Unit, 1 x Chelsea Table and 1 x Chelsea Bench. Contains under bench storage. Durable Brazilian pine wood construction and MDF.

Chelsea Nook Set Features:

• Corner Unit: 67.5″(W) x 51.5″(D) x 33.86″(H)
• Table: 43″(W) x 27″(D) x 29.5″(H)
• Bench: 43.25″(W) x 13″(D) x 17″(H)
• Easy to assemble
• Natural Finish
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chelsea nook set


Question by sparklle0913: What is better for a breakfast area a nook or a table?

My kitchen is grey walls and black cabinets. So i want a black table and came across this nook but im on a budget since i just bought my first home. So what would look best with this nook. Please let me know im terrible at choosing and knowing what looks best

Making the Chelsea Nook Set A Part Of Your Kitchen

Rather than using a formal dining room for eating breakfast, social gatherings and general chatter over a cup of coffee, many people will opt for putting a table and chairs, often referred to as a breakfast nook set, in one corner of the kitchen. The nook area then becomes a kind of extension to the kitchen with the dining area left for more formal gatherings and events.

Although breakfast nooks can appear to take up a lot of room, you can work it so that you fully utilize that space. Left empty it would probably fill with clutter anyway, but many breakfast units actually come with under bench storage that you can use to store your kitchen linens out of the way, and anything else that doesn’t easily find a place to go, making them accessible as and when you need them.

Whatever style you currently have you kitchen or dining room in at the moment, there will be a breakfast nook set to match as they come in so many styles and designs now from contemporary glass and metal with modern black, silver, red and white colorings, or you could opt for the more rustic and regal look with plain or crafted solid oak or pine wood.

Matching your style settings is even more important if you have an open-plan design from your kitchen to your dining room. In order to keep the look and feel unified it would also be worth noting any height differences between the two units as well, as any huge discrepancies could cause the flow of the room to feel a little mal-adjusted with the eye always being drawn to the same place first.

A breakfast nook set, if you are considering one, is definitely a worthy investment as they are durable and hard-wearing and will last you for many years to come.

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kaliesq @ 11:47 pm #

Both look nice in the pictures, but I think the table and chairs might be more comfortable and to get in and out of.