Kitchen Breakfast Table – Santa Fe Breakfast Nook Set

Kitchen Breakfast Table – Santa Fe, Dark Chocolate

kitchen breakfast table

Seabrook Designs offers a great kitchen breakfast table as part of their gorgeous Santa Fe collection. Now you can enjoy the classic look of a breakfast table with the rich and decadent appearance of the Dark Chocolate finish.

The luscious Dark Chocolate finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain, and the use of solid birch all throughout the set ensures that this furniture will stand up to everyday use and abuse with ease.

Dine in the stylish convenience of our Santa Fe collection dining table. This piece features a smooth wood plank design on a sturdy wooden base in a rich dark brown finish. Great for space saving, this Santa Fe dining table would be an especially smart addition for an apartment, condo, or patio area. This price is for the table only. The corner units and benches are sold separately.

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kitchen breakfast table


Question by Seriously: Does anyone know where I can get plans to build a breakfast nook for my kitchen?
I would prefer one with storage under the seats, but could probably modify any plan I get.

Kinds of Furniture for the Breakfast Nook

Every kitchen deserves to be unique and lovely, while still being extremely functional. Statistics show that one of the most used and most abused room of the home is none other than the kitchen. Kitchen furniture also endures much wear in a short period. Therefore, to stand up to the use, high quality pieces need to be chosen. One piece of furniture that should be especially well built is a breakfast nook set.

A kitchen table endures wiping anywhere from once to several times a day. Cups of coffee, bowls of cereal, and plates of hot food are only a few of the daily treatments that it must endure. Chairs and benches are also high traffic and high accident areas. We all have been amazed at one time or another at the quantity of food that a child can lose off a plate or dump out of a cup. Moreover, in turn it becomes smeared on the furniture or ground into the cushions.

Before a breakfast nook set can be chosen, there are two main things to consider. The first is whether the furniture is going to be used within the kitchen area itself or in a separate room. The second is the age of people who will use the set most often. If a breakfast nook set is to be used in a kitchen, then a corner breakfast nook furniture set is the most common selection. If a breakfast nook is actually a separate room in the home then a round nook table set with either two or four chairs is the one possible choice.

The younger the household members are, the sturdier the nook set should be. A quick online search will reveal that breakfast nook furniture can be made of either wood or metal frames with vinyl or leather seating. The three most common types of wood used are walnut, cherry, and oak. Nook sets in pine can also be found, but pine is a soft wood so it is more easily dented and scratched. Walnut sets have a deep brown color.

They contrast with the lighter wood colors of oak and pine. Cherry is also a harder wood species and it offers a richer and rosier color than any of the other three selections. Since different kinds of wood are sturdier than others, it is an important consideration to make when choosing breakfast nook furniture.

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