Kitchen Corner Table Unit

Kitchen Corner Table Unit

kitchen corner table
This stylish tile top kitchen corner table (sold separately) comes as part of the Morrison collection. Below are the matching chairs that completes this set.

  • Dimension: 31″W x 31″D x 29 1/4″H
  • Finish: White/ Natural
  • Material: Solid Hardwood and Ceramic Tiles
  • Square Dining Table with Tile Top in White and Natural Finish
  • The Farm table features tile top design in white and natural finish
  • Item is made of solid hardwood with 6″ ceramic tiles
  • This dining table comes with 55mm thick turned legs
  • Item is perfect for matching with Cottage style decors
  • Also available in Black/ Cherry finish
  • Available in 30″ x 45″ tabletop as well
  • Ready to assemble
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wooden kitchen chairs
Add to this Morrison Square table with 2 matching wooden kitchen chairs to complete the set

  • Set of 2 Windsor chairs offers classic, casual style with fresh color combination
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with natural-finish seat and crisp white back and legs
  • Roomy sizing with fan back is comfortable alone or with a chair pad
  • Fully assembled
  • Measures 17-1/2 inches wide by 16-1/2 inches deep by 37 inches high
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Kitchen Corner Table – A Perfect Way to Utilize Extra Space

A kitchen corner table is a comfortable and practical way to utilize space within a crowded kitchen space. They are one of the best kitchen furniture items that will not only enhance your comforts but also acquire that extra corner space in the kitchen which normally stays unused. But there are several factors that you have to keep in mind when you are going to choose a breakfast nook table.

A kitchen corner table is the one place in the kitchen where families spend much of their time. It’s a place where all family members get together in morning to exchange pleasantries and have some discussion. Nooks are used more in the morning and having attractive nooks refreshes your day. So you have to be very sure that you are selecting the best breakfast nook for your kitchen.

Now-a-days breakfast nook tables are high in demand because of its modern design and contemporary look. They are designed so well that it gives a royal look to your sweet home. They are available in lot of design and patterns, but the final selection depends on you.

Whenever you are opting for a kitchen corner table, select the one that best fits your requirements and can efficiently utilize free kitchen space.  Depending upon your free area or seating area of the kitchen, select the table of an appropriate size, then go for matching chairs  or bench required for seating purpose. If you are having free space in the corner, than you must go for L shape or rectangle breakfast nook tables. If you are having more than enough space then you go for hexagonal or octagonal round tables.

Another factor to be focused is the material from which they are made. A modern kitchen corner table is generally prepared from wood, metal, glass and bamboo. You can choose anyone of them depending upon your personal taste and theme of your kitchen. Suppose, if you prefer for modern furnishings than metal and glass tables are the best choices for your kitchen. And if you are going for traditional theme, than wooden tables are best to enhance your kitchen decorations. Wooden table are also available in lots of varieties like lines, plain, carved and many more.

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Comments on Kitchen Corner Table Unit

Amanda @ 8:47 pm #

we have hard wood floors throughout our house, and some ceramic tile. the tile is significantly harder to clean, and its really cold! wood is warmer, and a lot more friendly on bare feet in the early morning. wood also doesnt have the grout like tile. our tile has to have the grout scrubbed every once in a while. the wood just needs to get a quick cleaning with some hard wood floor cleaner. and people complain about scratches, you can just spot buff them with some wax. i’d pick wood.

luke p @ 9:21 pm #

Wood is best!!!

hdqt95 @ 10:00 pm #

After a house fire, I replaced all the floors in my house with either hardwood or ceramic tile, so I have some thoughts on both.

Wood in a kitchen looks nice and is easier on your legs, but it is going to get wet, especially if you do a lot of dishes and cooking or if your dogs are anything like mine (don’t wipe their paws when entering the house, get water on their muzzles when drinking, etc.). Then there is that they can be gouged by moving heavy items (i.e, stoves, refrigerators). The floor will get scratched as well. We have hickory floors, so we consider that part of the charm, but we don’t have the wood in the kitchen. The wood floor is easier to keep clean with a hard floor cleaner.

Ceramic tile is HARD. That means it will be tough when standing on it while preparing big dinners or if you are cleaning a ton of dishes. Also everything you drop will likely break. My old ceramic tile wasn’t as thick as my new stuff, so I also had tiles crack. Fortunately, my new tiles are tougher than my cast iron… so far. But water is not a problem- just make sure to seal the grout well. For standard cleaning, I use the floor cleaning machine and it works well, but I need to hand scrub the grout occasionally. Another benefit of tile is that I can do a deep clean with bleach. If you decide to go with ceramic, be sure that it is neither too slippery (kitchens get wet and greasy) or too textured (to much pebble could be more difficult to clean).

Tile is expensive, possibly more so than wood, but it will last forever. Our old tile floor made it through the house fire. We only replaced it because it was ugly (came with the house prior to the fire). Cabinets may be replaced but the floor will likely remain. With this in mind, we had the floor tiled wall to wall in case we decide to move a cabinet or the position of the appliances in the future. We also made sure that the color of the floor was accepting of allowing me to change the color scheme of the room every few years.

Depending on your breakfast nook, you may want to do the kitchen area in tile and the nook in wood. It depends on your floor plan.

Good luck on your choice.

henryswtzr @ 10:54 pm #

Personally, we love ceramic tile. We’ve had it in our home for years and we’ve dropped things on it, scuffed it etc, and it still comes out shining. It doesn’t fade very easily either. We also like Laminate flooring, its about 50% cheaper than wood but is tough and beautiful!