Kitchen Dinette Sets – Soda Shoppe Breakfast Nook in Black and Silver

Kitchen Dinette Sets – Soda Shoppe Breakfast Nook in Black and Silver

kitchen dinette sets

The seats are 29″ tall, black vinyl and come in the retro chrome look. These kitchen dinette sets are strong, new and well built. The table stands 42″ tall and 30″ across. The bar stools have swivel seats. This set is made in the traditional soda fountain style and is a quality piece of furniture. Finish: Black and Silver

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kitchen dinette sets



Styles for a Dinette Set

Casual doesn’t need to be basic or boring. If you want to create a casual dining area in your home, a dinette set is the perfect piece of furniture. With a table and two or four chairs, a dinette set can be placed in your kitchen, in a living area, or even taken outdoors.

Rather than choosing between the dining room and the couch, create a place where you can sit down and have all meals on your own, with family, or with friends.

Style is a factor nearly everyone considers when purchasing furniture. The décor of a space is already established, and adding a dinette or any other furniture should blend in. Although dinettes come in many styles, three different looks characterize the general selection of casual dining sets: traditional, contemporary, and retro.

Traditional dinettes have a wood appearance. A set may be constructed out of finished hardwood or have wood-like laminate. You can never go wrong, in terms of style, with hardwood furniture, but if you have small children, wood is not the best material.

Instead, laminate brings together the appearance of wood with a sturdy, scratch-resistant design that handles spills, any accidents, and wear and tear. Why ruin fine hardwood with a grape juice spill? A spill on laminate just needs to be cleaned up.

Contemporary dinettes eschew the traditional look of wood for glass and metal. Easily blending in with minimalist décor, contemporary dinette sets are characterized by two or four upholstered metal chairs and a table with a glass top and wood base.

All lines are either sharp or curved. If this combination, in concept, does not appear to offer much variation, metal, in fact, can be finished and cut, providing many design possibilities. A contemporary dinette set may be made with a chrome appearance or have an aged look with a darker finish.

Retro styles have returned to clothing and music, so why not décor as well? Retro dinette sets, however, have a particular appearance, one that reflects styles from 50 or 60 years ago. A typical retro dinette set essentially combines traditional and contemporary qualities, being stylish and durable at the same time.

Much like a dining area in a period diner, a retro dinette set has chrome-finished upholstered metal chairs and a table frame and a wood-like laminate tabletop. Even though such vintage dinettes are sold as antiques, get the style with durability for your home with a modern retro dinette set.

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