Corner Breakfast Nook – Cherry

corner breakfast nook This beautiful kitchen corner breakfast nook set made from 100% pine with built-in microfiber seats.

This honey pine corner breakfast nook fits perfectly in any corner. Nook corner bench and nook free-standing bench seats 5 people comfortably.

Corner Breakfast Nook Features:

  • Dimension: 67″W x 50″D x 35″H
  • Finish: Cherry Finish
  • Material: Pine and Pine Veneers over Particle Board
  • Pine Nook Set in Cherry Finish
  • You determine direction of corner unit during nook assembly
  • Simple assembly required
  • Item is made in Thailand
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Kitchen Remodeling Adds Value To Your Home

The kitchen is one place in a home that has to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is much better for one to consult a professional for kitchen remodeling rather than doing it yourself. A professional contractor will be able to help you out determine which design goes best given several factors like purpose, space availability and of course the budget.

Of course, kitchen remodeling does come with a price. But the good news here is that you can control the price with the kind of materials that you use and the appliances that you install.

Kitchen remodeling does not only improve the look of your kitchen. It also adds value to a home making it increase come the time that you decide to sell it. Chances are you will be able to recover about 75% of your investment with the price that you peg your house on.

Kitchen Improvement

There are lots of ways that you can improve the look of your kitchen. You can start with the flooring of the space when planning your kitchen remodeling. Since the preparation of the food will be handled here most of the time, it is better to install flooring that is easy to clean. A carpet may not be the best choice here because it will be hard to clean out the food bits that will get trapped in between.

It is best to go for Vinyl or Ceramic Tiles for easy clean-up. The next part to consider will be the walls especially the par where the stove is located. For sure there will be oil splatters that will stick to these walls. Consult with your contractor on what’s the best solution for this. Better install ceramic tiles at the back for easier oil splatter clean up.

Work with the space that you have. Leave some room for you to walk around or to accommodate other people in. Although they say that “too many cooks spoil the broth,” cooking is still best done with company around.

Additional Installations

If your space can accommodate it, have an island installed in your kitchen when planning your kitchen remodeling. It adds more workspace for you for food preparation. It frees up the kitchen counter and can double as a breakfast nook for easy cooking and clean up after. It also adds extra cabinet space under it depending on the design. It is also a great place to hang out and just relax with your friends. The kitchen can become an extension of your living room or dining room.

Utilizing natural light is great for the kitchen. Having huge windows to let in natural light not only helps brighten the space but also makes your kitchen less stuffy because it creates an exit opportunity for the odors to waft out especially when you are cooking. Do consider this when doing kitchen remodeling because proper lighting helps set the mood for cooking.

There are so many things that you can do for your kitchen remodelling. It can be as little or as grand as you want. Just do not forget to consider your needs when doing the designs. Reading magazines as well as consulting professionals will be a great help for this.

Remodel your kitchen with a professional team from Raleighs best contractors. Upgrade your kitchen space with a kitchen pantry organizer.

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Corner Dining Nook Set – Pine Construction (Natural/White)

corner dining nook set

Get a great start on every morning when you start your day at this corner dining nook set!

This attractive nook features MDF construction with white finishing and pine accents in natural. This set comes with a table, a corner seating arrangement, and a bench.

This nook can seat up to five people comfortably!

  • Table measures: 29.5″H x 43″W x 27″D
  • Corner Seating Unit measures: 34.5″H x 64″W x 48″D
  • Free Standing Bench measures: 17″H x 40″W x 13″D
  • Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Complex or Lengthy
  • Some assembly may be required.
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Counter Height Table Sets – 3-Piece, Walnut

counter height table sets These modern style 3-piece kitchen counter height table sets come with a dining breakfast table and two chairs in rich dark walnut with woven style seating.

Simple assembly required.

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.Breakfast Nook Set – The Center Piece Of Your Kitchen

The breakfast nook set in your kitchen can quickly become the central focal and meeting point for many busy households today.

A place to socialize with friends and family, eat breakfast, have a discussion over a cup of coffee or a snack, even a place where the kids can be left to study in relative peace or play board games together. The way you arrange the seating area and the type of seating you select can either provide an ambient and exclusive feel to your eating area or it could disrupt the kitchen’s working space.

The style of kitchen nook that you decide on not only has to be big enough for all the members of the family to fit around but it also has to feel spacious around the unit as well otherwise access to the seating will become awkward and uninviting. If you have a relatively large area for seating then you may consider a octagonal or hexagonal shaped round table as this is a nice uniform shape with each seat having it’s own access point.

If you have a fairly open plan style kitchen then you may consider the traditional looking L-shape design and if your seating area is located in an alcove separate or a little off from the kitchen then a square or rectangular shape may suit best. If you select this design then be sure that you leave around 3ft of space on either side as this is considered to be the optimum amount needed for a fully grown adult to comfortably pull out a chair or bench and be seated.

One of the advantages of using a corner breakfast nook is that it is equipped with valuable storage space under the seating area. This valuable space can be used for storing small kitchen appliances, crockery, pot or pans and kitchen linens. Some even have a pull out drawer that you can store cutlery or glassware in. It is truly a multifunctional piece of furniture that offers full functionality with a elegant look and feel with the optimum utilization of space.

Kitchen nook sets come in a multitude of designs, colors, shapes and patterns to suit just about every modern household kitchen. They tend mainly to be made out of wood, glass, metal or bamboo. The style and design you choose will heavily influence to ultimate look and feel of your kitchen, for example, plain or carved wooden tables provide a classic, elegant or regal feel to them and metal and glass gives it a real modern and contemporary look.

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Bistro Bar Set – 2 Red Vinyl Barstools and White Table Set

bistro bar set

Great new red and chrome bistro bar set. The seats are 29″ tall, red vinyl and come in the retro chrome look.

They’re strong, new and well built. This table stands 42″ tall and 30″ across in white.  Made in the traditional soda fountain style.

This same soda shoppe style set also comes in a 5-piece set.



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3 Piece Pub Set – Metal Bar Table Set With 2 Stools

This 3 piece pub set is made in the traditional soda fountain style and is a quality piece of furniture.

The seats are 29″ tall, black vinyl and come in the retro chrome look. They’re strong, new and well built.

The table stands 42″ tall and 30″ across. These bar stools do have a swivel seat.
3 piece pub set




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Dining Bench Seat – Wooden Country Style Bench (Natural)

dining bench seat

This is a new solid wood dining bench seat. It is done in a natural finish and is the farmhouse style. It is great for use at the dining room table.


dining bench seat


Dining Bench Seat, A Trendy New Concept

When most people think about dining furniture, the first thing that pops into their mind is a basic table with four chairs. This is going to change soon however, when dining benches start to catch on. Just like having a barbeque on your patio, it\’s not so strange to have two people on a bench, but now this idea is being moved inside to typical dining rooms.

Dining benches will start to gain more steam when people find out the prices. If you really examine price tags, you’ll notice that a dining bench that sits two is cheaper than buying two chairs. It’ll save you money and give your dining area a more traditional look, and it’ll be different from everyone else.

When people sit down to dinner everyone is expecting the typical set-up of a table and four chairs, they won’t be expecting the dining benches. If anything, it’ll spark an interest with your friends and family and hopefully speed up the fad.

The prices of dining benches like any piece of furniture are going to be all over the price scale. You can find truly inexpensive dining benches on, but expect inexpensive quality and construction as well. Other sellers of dining benches include and The latter with a wide selection of leather and fabric benches, including slip-cover for great flexibility.

If you still want the option of having chairs, then there is good news. A lot of companies offer the bench with accompanying side and arm chairs or barstools, everything matching of course. The benches come with different combinations of different furniture from cushioned to regular stained wood, or even a stone or metal-based bench depending on your dining area.

As always, try to buy American and from the manufacturer. Buying directly from the manufacturer cuts out the middlemen and dealers, that only contribute to making the product more expensive.

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Mission Dining Set in Natural White with 2 x 24″ Bar Stools

This compact three piece Mission dining set comes in the Natural and White as shown in picture with two 24″ matching bar stools.

It is the perfect set for your breakfast nook, apartment, dorm room, covered patio, or small space.

Great for newlyweds, or for housewarming gifts too.
This is a great smaller complete dining set that is solid wood at an affordable price!
mission dining set

  • 3 pc Natural & White Dining Set
  • Includes 2 24″ Matching Bar Stools
  • Mission Style
  • Stool 24″ Seat Height
  • Table 22″W x 34″L x 34″ H
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mission dining set



Mission Style Furniture – History of the Style Decor

Many are unaware that terms mission style decor and arts & crafts style decor are synonymous. Often times the terms are used interchangeably to describe furniture pieces and lighting fixtures typified by exacting straight lines, rectangular slats, usually constructed of wood, iron, or copper.

Mission style table lamps and other light pieces are constructed with square wooden bases with colorful glass shades, creating timeless elegant piece that is both functional and artistic. The inherent characteristics of this style are functionality, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship.

Though the popularity of mission style furniture and lighting waned a bit after World War II ( a time during which modern designs were prominent) it resurfaced as a popular style in the late 1980′s and into the early 1990′s. It remains popular across various manufacturers today.

True mission style furniture is actually crafted by hand. Today’s versions however are machine made, but they still maintain the simplistic design and classic elegance. Because of its rugged appeal, craftsman style decor is best coupled with warm tones, resulting in an Earthy look and feel.

Mission style table lamps are unique pieces that boast clean lines, simple geometric shapes, adorned with a glass shade that may have accents of amber and jade. The rustic looking glass in mission style lighting comes in a cream or white color giving off subtle hints of amber when light passes through. The light emitted from these fixtures is typically dimmer, casting a softer glow.

The mission style look is very warm and inviting. It gives off a natural and comfortable feel to your home. Pieces are easy to coordinate given their consistent design and style. Given their popularity, it’s very easy to find mission style pieces at most furniture retailers. Mission style furniture and lighting is sure to add character and unique appeal to any space.

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Breakfast Nook Sets, Soda Shoppe, 5 Piece

breakfast nook sets

Bring the appeal of retro soda shoppes into your kitchen with these Soda Shoppe breakfast nook sets, with 50s styling, this hip breakfast nook and bench will nestle perfectly into your kitchen.

More info…

breakfast nook sets


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Kitchen Breakfast Bar – Beautiful White & Natural Mission Style Table Set

Beautiful white and natural Mission kitchen breakfast bar with 2 bar stools. This table set features a beautiful mission style table with a natural finish top, white finish legs, and matching stools.

The pieces are solid wood and are very sturdy. It is the perfect set for your breakfast nook, apartment, dorm, covered patio, or lounge.

kitchen breakfast barMakes a great wedding or housewarming gift. A wonderful complete dining set at an affordable price!



Planning The Perfect Kitchen

A kitchen that at best is something less than a show place, especially when it was necessary to use a smoking old coal-burning cook stove, and all water had to be carried from the spring in a wooden bucket, and a kitchen sink was yet in the future.

Yet these old kitchens were very comfortable as the center of family life. When the neighbors came over to visit, they usually “set” in the kitchen, the parlor being used on very special occasions only. In many places in the world, even today, a kitchen is not permitted in a house. As an Englishman said to me in Singapore, “I want a kitchen to be just as far away from the house as I can get it.”

A glimpse of some of the nearby kitchens explained why. If you cook with charcoal under the kettles, with no flue, and no attempt ever to wash the outside of the kettles, just the inside being kept clean, and if you throw the cabbage leaves and potato peelings to the waiting pigs and chickens, and if you have only an earth floor, and no screens, you can easily see why kitchens are not too desirable in the house.

When I built a modern American kitchen, complete with sink, electric stove and refrigerator, the building inspector said, after looking it over carefully, “Why can’t we do it this way?” Those of you who have visited George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon will recall that the kitchen is a long way from the house. Modern food processing plants and the super-market have taken much of the messiness out of the kitchen, so that now the kitchen can be one of the most beautiful and attractive rooms in the house.

The kitchen is a place to work, but why not make it also a pleasant place to be? Give the best view to the kitchen. A kitchen would preferably be on a corner, where it can get light from two sides, and where you can see in more than one direction. Many mothers like to have a kitchen window overlooking the play yard, so they can supervise the children’s activities while continuing with their work. It is also desirable to be able to see who is coming to the door.

The area for the pleasant activity of eating includes not only a place for the table and chairs, but also a place to store and prepare food, and a place to clean up things after meals, and room to store the dishes and utensils. We often speak of kitchens, pantries, breakfast rooms, and dining rooms. Why are so many rooms necessary?

The kitchen should be so arranged that the food can be taken to the place where it is to be served without too many steps. Kitchens are of three general shapes: the “U” shaped kitchen, the “L” shaped kitchen, and the parallel kitchen.

Each one has its advantages and dis¬advantages. How many people will be working in the kitchen at one time also has a bearing on its design. The “U” shaped kitchen is convenient for one person to work in, but two or three young daughters trying to help might be in the way in this type of kitchen, unless the “U” is rather wide and not too deep.

Although the parallel kitchen is perhaps the most efficient, it is subject to the same limitations as the “U” shaped one. This consists of a rather long room, with cabinets and equipment on both sides, and usually a door in each end. This type of kitchen must be at least 8′ wide to give enough working space in the center of the room.

The “L” shape is good when it can be arranged in conjunction with the breakfast nook or the so-called “living kitchen” in which the kitchen is large and doubles for the family room, the dining room, and a general purpose room, with the kitchen really occupying only one corner of it. This is very good for informal entertaining, as the person preparing the sandwiches, instead of being off in another room, can do her work and still not miss out on any of the fun.

Wherever the kitchen is placed, or whatever shape it may have, certain working areas and pieces of equipment are a necessity. These might include drain boards, baking area, sink, refrigerator, dish washer, stove top, oven, mixer, blender, toaster, waffle iron, silverware, kitchen hardware, kettles, lids, dishes, paper towels, waxed paper, garbage disposal, storage for package foods and for tin canned goods, and for home canned fruits and vegetables, and per¬haps room for a deep freeze unit.

Although when you drive up with the groceries you should have easy access to the back door of the kitchen, I do not favor the door that opens directly from the garage into the kitchen because of the exhaust fumes that you do not want in your kitchen. If you buy your own home always use a mortgage calculator to get the best mortgage and save yourself money in the long run.

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Bar Tables And Chairs – 3 Piece Pub Set In Soda Shoppe Retro Style

The Retro chrome look of this set of bar tables and chairs offers style and practicality. They are also strong, sturdy and very well built. The seats are 29″ tall with black vinyl.

bar tables and chairsThis table has a hardwood top and stands 42″ tall and 30″ across. These pub tables and stools are made in the traditional soda fountain style and are a characteristic and stylish piece of furniture.

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Interior Design Home Enhancement Suggestions And Developments

The finest point about owning a house is the reality that you can do residence enchancment and remodeling the way you want it. You also have the freedom of expanding or cutting out excess space. This can give your house a distinct character that matchs your interests. Nowadays interior style can blend to your personality. It is important to focus on this facet simply because it says a great deal about the particular person residing in the property.

The design and the color scheme of the space really should mirror the style you are aiming for. For the kitchen, it really should be clean and functional simply because this is where we prepare, socialize and cook our meals.  The bed room ought to be warm and secure feeling in order to relax and rejuvenate. The furnishings of your residence need to be organized and well planned. With the right colors and household furniture, you can set the mood of a room even without spending too much money.

Get inspired. For people with active and hectic life-styles, you require an enjoyable and organized atmosphere. You want a homely haven rather than a decorator’s masterpiece to showcase. The principal idea of inside planning is that less is more. House design really should be tranquil but it should also be basic and practical. It is also a good idea to inject your preference and color scheme on the layouts so that the result would be characteristic and attractive.

The interior layout generally needs to portray comfort and rest. This is your principal purpose when creating your home. Nowadays houses really should have more open spaces. It ought to not be filled with distractions but also needs to be fairly stimulating. You should utilize colours and choose decor to reflect moods.

You can add potpourri or aroma therapy oil so you can complement the whole environment of the residence. Never ever fill the space with huge household furniture. You can integrate nature in the all round look of the home by including an aquarium or little fountain. This can be really soothing for people who want to loosen up. You can light candles to present refined and relaxing lighting.

You can in fact make your bedroom appear like spa although at the same time incorporating your personality. The colors of the walls really should be clean and inviting. You can include a bench with vibrant design to give the space an accent. It is good to have silky mattress sheets for maximum comfort and ease.

For the windows, you can opt for smooth shades so that organic light can pass through. Pastel colours and dimmed lights are ideal for bedrooms. You can also light a scented candle to give a extremely enjoyable setting. Select the ones created from herbs simply because it can soothe your spirits or choose woodwick candles that sound like a crackling fire.

It is a excellent idea to bring indoor water furniture liker small waterfalls. This is a way to supply a therapeutic environment to the location. Aside from the aesthetic goal, high air quality would also be enhanced. Another tip when designing your home is to make it adaptable. If you have an office, it could also serve as a reading area or library. Guest rooms can also become an activity area. Playing with colours can create an ambiance that is stress free. Stick with gentle blue, green, creams and soft browns.

Interior decor is leaning on being subtle. Accessories are fantastic to bring colour to the space. You can choose vibrant colors for dens, dining rooms and offices. This can present texture and contrast. Leather and earthy textures are gaining popularity as nicely. Style trends are very a lot clear, basic and organic. You can also attempt mixing brass, chrome and bronze add-ons like image frames, table lamps and urns.

These days many more folks are opting for earth pleasant style traits. There are leaning toward simplicity and tranquilly. This is done to be inspiring to go home at the end of the long day at work.

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